High quality from raw materials over tool design and production processes to final shipment, is what you should expect of RED HORSE. All our manufacturing in an unbroken chain is under constant quality supervision. Therefore all our products have a high and consistent RED HORSE quality.

Implemented systems document everything in the development and design phase. This is followed by strict and consequent monitoring in all steps in production from tool manufacturing and throughout all the individual steps towards the finished product. The quality control is done according to international norms, but in several cases stricter RED HORSE norms have been applied (e.g. drill performance).

We have our own state-of-the-art testing facility and have at our disposal is such equipment as Salt Spray and Kesternich Chambers testing to both automotive and construction norms, Drill Performance tester, X-ray machine, Torque Wrenches, OES – Optical Emission Spectrometry, Hardness Tester, UV equipment, Tension Testing equipment, etc. to ensure high quality for all products.